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Austin Traffic is an iPhone/iPad application to give you information about currently known traffic incidents on roadways in the Austin, Texas area. The information is displayed in a manner that is easy to quickly interpret.

Austin Traffic iPhone app screenshot showing traffic camera images

Austin Traffic is useful for route planning. If you are stuck in an unexpected traffic jam, it's easy to pull up the listings and see if there is an accident up ahead. Should you take a different road? Are you going to be late getting home? Let Austin Traffic help you determine the answers.

  • View animated traffic camera images of four main roads in Austin.
  • Text-To-Speech feature lets you listen to the current traffic incidents. Powered by iSpeech®.
  • You can customize the listings to show the major roads that you frequently travel or want to monitor.
  • Each traffic incident detail page links to the Maps application to show you where the accident is.
  • Automatically refreshes every five minutes for the latest information.
  • Super fast data downloading.
  • Several options to show when the accident occurred.

Austin Traffic iPhone app screenshot showing the list of incidents